Ayelet Gabay

My Own

Music is running in my veins since very young age,

i remember that as a little child i would run around the park ,singing melodies i invented
and crying from excitement. 
Then , as a teenager, i locked myself up in my room for days and days,
just diving into beautiful landscapes and lyrics that came out of my speakers.
Life was so rich through these sounds, textures and melodies.
i was deeply inspired by Blues and rock n roll
anything a bit broken, distorted and wild just blew away my mind!

Then one day when i was 19, i found out i could record my own music
all i needed was a simple Skype plastic mic, and a computer.
After understanding this, i started recording and producing songs
slowly developing my home studio and my ears.
Actually till today.



Down here you can find some samples of my creations:

Live Show

By Ayelet Gabay (1:43 min \ Video Clip- 2015)

Paper stop motion technique Video clip , digitaly prosseced.


Dark Joy

Its time to learn guitar! 

By Ayelet Gabay (2:40 min \ Advertisement 2015)

A Short Stop motion Video clip i made for advertising my guitar lessions.


The children of the afternoon 

A book written by Avichai Naziri, drowings by amazing Liron Cohen

I wrote the music