Ayelet Gabay

About me?


is a Musician, Composer, Producer and Sound Designer, Based in TLV Israel. Born in the hot sticky summer of 1985. With her diverse and rich sound she puts great interest on creating a perfect suit to each project she works on with passion professionalism and - joy. Her broad knowledge in music genres helps her become a musical chameleon and compose a precise and highly aesthetic creation, never deserting her own unique fingerprint. known as a real hard worker with the courage to challenge Conventions. 
Her compositions and sound designs have shown in award winning films, tv-broadcasting, museums and galleries throughout Israel and the world.

Studied music & composition at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, and mixing & sound production at MUZIK school in Tel Aviv. (Although some may say that most of her compositions comes from deep true intuitions). 

Founder & Co-owner of the VisualMusic company who offers alternative music compositions and sound design for visual of any kind, with great focus on promoting and collaborating women creators from around the globe.